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Digital Innovations for Brands and Businesses

Drive digital innovation with our cutting-edge content solutions. We harness the latest technologies to create dynamic, interactive, and immersive experiences that engage and inspire your audience and set your brand apart in the digital landscape.

indomitable games

The Indomitables Game

Client: Indomie Noodles

Summary: Conceived and developed Nigeria’s first-ever 3D endless runner game for a brand. The game involves five young superheroes consuming Indomie Noodles to gain the power to destroy Hunger Monsters. This one-of-a-kind game received considerable downloads and appreciation.

AI-based learning module for the metaverse

Client: Sumitomo Corporation (Active Scaler)

Summary: Scripted and produced audio content and worked on animation to facilitate the development of an AI-based learning tool for the metaverse. The project includes curating Yoga poses, recording a Yoga instructor, and scripting, and recording voiceovers.

sonic winzo

Sonic Branding for WinZO

Client: WinZO Games

Summary: Developed and produced the sonic (audio) identity for the gaming app. The team designed sounds for ‘the opening screen’, ‘level up’, ‘victory’, and ‘gratification’ alerts that users receive while using the app to play games.

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