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Originals-Branding with Short Films, Promos, Series

We bring your unique vision to life with our offbeat originals. From scripted series to short films, we partner with you to produce captivating, authentic, and impactful content that tells your story in a fun way and connects with your audience.

hipi te english da rakhwala

Hipi Te English Da Rakhvala

Client: ZEE (Hipi)

Summary: Developed, scripted, and produced an original short-format IP based on teaching English to young Indians from the hinterlands. The team conceived a quirky superhero, Lucky Singh Hipi Te English Da Rakhvala, who protects the English language with passion and vigor.

Disney Let’s Fix It Yourself

Client: Disney India

Summary: Conceived, developed, scripted, and undertook the creative production of an original short-format series based on learning skills. Walt Disney acquired this original IP that has been conceived by our company. This non-fiction mini-series was uploaded on digital platforms of Disney.

fix it
jothelal mishra

Jholelal Mishra – Bollywood Ki Shaan, Bollywood Ki Jaan

Client: Spotify

Summary: Conceived, developed, scripted, and produced an original IP-led audio series on Indian films and filmstars. The team created, Jholelal Mishra, a journalist cum social media influencer from small-town India who manages to interact with celebrities and extracts a scoop

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