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Lilavati, Ramayana, Panchatantra, Thirukkural. Ever wondered why do these ancient Indian literary works shine bright to this day? Two words – inherent fluidity. A flow that weaves mathematics with the story of a father and daughter, reveals animals that impart moral values, dishes out philosophy as poetry. Instead of converting the fragilities and wisdom of life into a somber discussion, ancient Indians fused values and learning with literary richness. The same values are reflected in the Indian quest for technical excellence. From the birthing of Wootz steel to shipbuilding, to the modern IT revolution.

This fluidity in ideas and technological brilliance inspires us at BingeCamp Media LLP. Hence, we create digital stories, with a tinge of eccentricity. Text, images, audio and video, intertwined with digital operations, analytics and technology. Our body of work flows from classic short videos to developing AI for the metaverse. Digital strategy and marketing, short videos, digital ads, brand films, search engine optimization, social media management, web design and development, gaming.

We pursue the same literary, disruptive and innovative approach as ancient India while solving complex digital problems for our clients. Hence our solutions are effective, entertaining and as a few clients have mentioned, epic.

Our Team

Chandan Oza
Prashant Shankarnarayan
Rishikesh Rajurkar
Disha Oza
Devesh Sharma

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